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Field Marking System

Lowest cost way to keep your athletic fields marked, year after year.

Each set is complete with locators, starter tool and 600' of layout cord.



EASY AS 1-2-3

2) Set the Marker
1) Punch a hole
3) String your line


Is easily installed and permanently locates critical line intersections

Built in guide string anchor provides plumb line for lining fields


This simple system has saved hundreds of hours of field set-up time at thousands of schools, parks and recreation departments.


ProLine field layout system makes it easy to permanently locate key measurements for any sports field eliminating repetitive measurements.

Once in place, simply connect the guide string to the markers and begin striping. Anchors for guide string are built in to the markers so they can't get lost.

If marked lines become too faded to follow for re-striping, the locators are still in place. Just restring the particular area, and your marked lines are relocated exactly.

Basic sets layout principle markings of playing field. Additional markers available in 6 and 10 piece sets can be used to locate inbound lines, coaches', team, penalty areas and more.



Any Time is the RIGHT TIME to Mark Your Fields...

PRE-SEASON: You have to stake and measure anyhow. Why not install ProLine and your staking and measuring days are over.

MID-SEASON: You already have the field lined and set. Why not permanently mark critical locations with ProLine so your staking and measuring days are over.

POST-SEASON: Before the lines fade away, install ProLine and you're ready to connect the dots for next season, without staking and measuring.



●  Layout and measure your field only once, and easily re-stripe year after year.

●  12, 25 and 50 piece sets available for baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey.

●  Each set is complete with locators, starter tool and 600' of layout cord.

●  Locators have unique one-piece design.
Made from super tough nylon.

The ProLine Field Layout System is:

The Safest System Available -Unlike other locators, there are no open holes to catch cleats or fill with debris.

No additional Pegs or Plugs to Loose or Forget - The ProLine locator's unique one-piece design eliminates any additional pieces.

Will Last for Years - Made from super tough nylon the ProLine Field Layout System will last for years.

Convenient - Kits for All Sports: Football, Soccer, Baseball. They come complete with starting tool and 600 feet of high-grade cord.

The ProLine Field Layout System is Inexpensive - Compared to other available products you will save 40 percent or more.










Pro-Line 12  
12 Anchors per Set

Great for Baseball Field Layout


Pro-Line 25  
25 Anchors per Set

Great for Soccer Field Layout

Pro-Line 50  
50 Anchors per Set

Great for Football Field Layout


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