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The LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper is a commercially built, ground driven sweeper designed to remove debris from the turf surface without displacing infill material.

You�ve made a significant investment in the installation of a synthetic turf surface. Let GreensGroomer help you maximize the aesthetics, performance, and life of your field. GreensGroomer offers a wide variety of commercial grade equipment to make turf maintenance easier, less expensive, and more efficient. When it comes to cleaning, grooming, disinfecting, or de-compacting, GreensGroomer has the right products, at the right price.

The most important development in our synthetic product line-up is the launch of the GreenZapr, the simplest, most-cost-effective field sanitation solution in the marketplace.


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 greenszapr The GreenZapr disinfects synthetic turf surfaces through complete destruction of the microbe DNA, eliminating the potential for �Super bugs�.





The unique brush design moves infill material three different directions for every three feet of forward movement, working the infill into low spots and depressions left after play. The Groomer lifts the turf fibers leaving them in a plush, upright position.





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