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*Battery not included. Requires 12 volt, Group 24 DC Marine battery.

ECOLINER Part # 10002855

The EcoLiner Battery Powered Field Striper Machine features:

No Messy Pouring and Easy to Use Simply, place a 5-gallon pail of premixed paint on the machine and you are ready to mark your field. Plus, changing colors is both fast and easy to do with the operator friendly design.

Safe Operation - No pressurized tanks. No need to release pressure to add paint or clean. No high-pressure pump output to prohibit operator injury.

Cleanup is a Snap - When finished painting, simply flush clean water through the spraying system and the machine is ready for your next field marking job.

Paint Fields in Half the Time The efficient spray nozzle design paints high-quality lines the first time, eliminating the need for tedious touchup and repainting of lines for increased visibility. Plus, the line width is fully adjustable from 2"-6", allowing for greater flexibility to meet your field marking needs.

NeverFlat Tires Perfect for use on athletic fields, the EcoLiner Field Striper is assembled with NeverFlat Tires with a knobby tread that meets the rigrous demands of uneven turf and will never go flat.

No More Clogged Tips and Drips - The EcoLiner Field Striper features a large mesh filter on the intake hose with an additional inline filter and check valve to eliminate clogged tips and messy dripping. Cleaning the filters and tips takes less than 30 seconds.

Built to Last Made with all welded steel construction and quality components to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

12 Month Limited Warranty Guaranteed protection against defects in materials and workmanship.



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EcoLiner™ Battery Powered Field Striper

Item# : 10004483


The EcoLiner™ Battery Powered Field Striper features a heavy duty, diaphragm pump powered by a 12-volt deep cycle battery. Quickly and easily paint professional quality lines for hours on a single battery charge. No expensive gasoline engines or compressors to maintain. Plus, the EcoLiner™ is proudly MADE IN THE USA giving you the trusted quality and durability you deserve.




Striper Type Walk Behind
Pump Type Diaphragm, 1.8 gpm, 35 psi internal by-pass
Paint Capacity 5-gallon pail
Item Name EcoLiner™ Battery Powered Field Striper
Application Athletic Fields
Paint Application Type Low-pressure, 2"-6" adjustable line width
Paint Type Athletic Field Paints
Controls Hand operated, handle mounted spray controls
Pump Shurflo
Filter Suction hose filter, foot filter on pickup tube and in-line nozzle screen
Tires/Wheels Four, No Flat Tires
Features 120 volt plug in battery charger included, no flat tires, dual handles with cushioned grips and all welded steel construction
Warranty 12 Months



Eco-Liner Accessories


Hashmark-Master - Easily paint hash marks five times faster than other methods. Eliminates repeated measuring or using stencils and templates that require a two or three man crew. The Hashmark-Master quickly attaches to any Newstripe field marking machine. The operator follows the automatic line-up guide from one hash mark to the next, paints it and moves on. It is that simple. Your hash marks will be perfectly laid out and painted every time. The Hashmark-Master will easily pay for itself during the first football season.
Part # 10000892

PerfectCircle - Paint absolutely perfect circles and arcs easier and faster than ever before. The spray head's unique spring-loaded feature precisely and automatically guides the paint machine in a perfect circle. Locate the center of the circle or arc to be painted and push the pivot point into the ground. Attach the lightweight aircraft cable between the spray head and the pivot point. Then, simply push the machine and let the PerfectCircle do the work of guiding the field marker.
Part # 10001656

Rear Swivel Caster - Fifth wheel swivel caster for arcs and circles.  Easily bolts on any Newstripe machine. Simple drop down latch raises rear wheels to paint circles and arcs, lifts and locks in up position to paint straight lines.
Part # 10001231

Hand Gun Kit: Part - Low-pressure handgun with 12 inch hose and 24 inch wand extension for painting field markings or stencils. Comfortable pistol grip with in-line strainer to prevent clogging.
Part # 10000201

5 Gallon Strainer - This unique product lets you pour unstrained paint directly into a 5-gallon pail. It fits snugly on the top of the pail so there is no worry of tipping or spilling. Once the paint has been poured through the strainer it can be removed, cleaned with water and reused. Sold in package of 5 strainers.
Part # 10003569


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