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Airless Line Striper

FieldLazer sets a new standard in sports field marking. This patent-pending, hardworking striper boasts plenty of features and capabilities to set it apart!

●  Airless technology for spraying higher
    concentrations of paint, delivering brighter,
    longer-lasting lines

●  Siphon paint from its original container,
    eliminating the hassle of cleaning tanks

●  Tall wheel cart is lightweight and rolls
    easily over rough terrain

FieldLazer�s airless pumping technology is capable of atomizing higher concentrations of turf paint � even many uncut materials. Less paint dilution means better paint coverage. As a result, lines are much brighter and last longer.  Versatile for all your paint maintenance needs. Comes standard with with 25' detachable airless spray gun to spray any surface. 



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The Ultimate Field Striping Solution.


LineLazer 3400
Airless Line Striper

All New From the Ground Up!
The NEW LineLazer 3400 offers professional performance in a one-gun machine

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  LineLazer 3400 is perfect for parking lot and sealcoat contractors, schools, and park departments. Ideal" cross-over" unit for striping both parking lot and sports field applications.  

●  Operator controls are located right at the
   handle bars � fine-tune the striper's operation
   without stopping production!

●  New swivel front wheel makes striping up to
   the curb easier. Stripe arcs and curves with

●  Redesigned handle bars are more natural and
   comfortable to use, and allow better striper

●  New Chromex pump rod is built for the most
   demanding striping applications.

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Graco Linelazer 3400


LineLazer IV 3900
Airless Line Striper

The new LineLazer IV 3900 incorporates substantial performance enhancements � designed specifically to deliver the most precise and consistent lines in the industry.

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    ●  New Advanced Vibration Reduction System eliminates engine vibration for improved line quality.

●  New rear gun mount allows placing the guns near the rear axle for straighter long lines and smoother curved lines.

●  Lightweight gun holder minimizes gun movement caused by rough pavement.

●  New Chromex pump rod is built for the most demanding applications.

●  New flow-through Easy Out filter comes out with the cap for convenient, mess-free access.


Ride-On Striping System


Double your striping production!


The LineDriver is engineered to meet your needs, revolutionizing the way you work.


  Connect LineDriver to your LineLazer IV and complete jobs in half the time while the quality of your lines improves!      
●  Dramatically increases productivity because you don't have to walk and push the striper.

●  Forward speeds to 10 mph, reverse speeds to 6
mph; change directions instantly for consistent lines.

●  Manages the striper's weight, virtually eliminating operator fatigue.

●  Helps you produce a more consistent line thickness for more precise and longer-lasting stripes.
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